Thriving doesn't just mean growing bigger, it means growing to your fullest potential - physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Why to massage your baby?

Infant massage therapy has continued to gain increased international recognition, both due to the number of families practicing this safe intervention with their babies, and due to the growing research, which again proved the effectiveness of nurturing touch. Pediatricians have long known that babies who are touched a lot thrive. Thriving doesn't just mean growing bigger it means growing to your fullest potential - physically, intellectually, and emotionally. There is no better way to stimulate growth-promoting substance than the loving hand’s touch.

What are the benefits of infant massage?

The emotional and physical benefits of infant massage are immense, and it can bring immediate and long-lasting results. Infant massage offers so many benefits to both babies and parents. For infants this includes sensory stimulation, releasing teething or tummy pain, improving blood circulation, digestion, respiratory system and helping to sleep better. Similarly, through massage, parents focus on taking time to listen to and read their child’s communication cues.

Can the massage benefit special babies?

Early born infants or infants with special needs particularly benefit from infant massage. In both cases, a routine of careful, gentle touch can progressively familiarize baby to being touched and experience the tactile interaction. A study by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that premature babies receiving three 15-minute massages per day for five days showed a 53% greater daily weight gain than unmassaged babies. Foster parents, adoptive parents, and adolescent parents also benefit from massaging their babies.

Who can take the class?

The class can be attended by new or expectant parents, caregivers and of course, their adorable babies. The Program is recommended for infants (0 -1 year of age). However, the techniques can be beneficial for children older than a year as well.

Are online classes as effective as in-person?

This course has been specially designed to meet the requirements of those parents, who need flexibility and who are not able to find time for in-person engagements. We use Zoom software, which brings the best of in person training and distance learning together. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate to your teacher and ask questions in ‘real time’, just as you would at a traditional, in-person class. Don’t worry, each class can be attended by one family only, so your teacher will be giving you all her undivided attention. Furthermore, we understand that infants have unique physiological needs and limitations, and we tailor our training to accommodate individual babies.

Why do we recommend you to complete a 4-week course?

Our classes are designed to build a lifetime relationship between parent and baby thus extended training time is highly recommended. By attending a full course of four weekly sessions, you will be receiving a complete package of learning material. Each week the massage instructor will show you how to use specific strokes on your baby, to help relieve gas, improve digestion, help ease teething pain, and aid relaxation. We use techniques from Swedish and Indian massage as well as Reflexology and Yoga. You will be trained to read the cues of the baby, so the child, in turn, feels loved and secured.

Can dads learn the massage too?

Absolutely. It is equally important for baby to get used to dad’s touch as well as mom’s. Babies thrive on different strokes. Infant massage provides an opportunity for fathers to bond and interact with their infants while reducing stress for the mothers.

Can older siblings attend the class?

Parents are encouraged to include other siblings to the baby massage class, so they too can soothe and bond with their little brother or sister. However, we ask you to reduce all possible interruptions or distractions and give your full focus on your baby, as this class is for them.

What items do I need to have for the class?

Along with your regular diaper bag items, please have a yoga mat or soft towel ready for your baby to lie on. We recommend that you use only natural organic oils like sunflower, coconut, almond, or sesame.

How can I book my classes?

Go to the ‘Classes’ section on our website. You’ll find our latest offerings there. For any questions, email info@geneticbond.com, or text 425.440.1669.

How can I purchase a Gift Certificate?

Baby Massage course is a wonderful gift for a new or expectant mom. You will be giving her a gift that will have many lasting physical and emotional benefits for her baby. You may purchase online, same way as you would make a booking for the class (see above). Please mention “Gift Certificate” and the Name of the person you are gifting to in your booking form. You’ll receive an email confirmation soon after your booking (keep an eye on your inbox and spam folder to make sure you have not missed anything).

Note: The gift certificates are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. No refunds are given on unused certificates.

What is the refund policy?

Please allow 24-hour notice if you need to amend or cancel your class. Send us an email at info@geneticbond.com or text us at 425.440.1669 to cancel your booking.